l1nkedwizzard: I like your Zelda tattoo on your arm it's so cool!!

Thank you! I love WindWaker!

This is what it looks like when I’m about to fall asleep at work. At least I look cute today. #lilfox #sleepy #whitehair #collar
I feel like a lion today. #whitehair # sleepy #collar #lilfox
My bleach oc doodles.
Because Renji is a babe and I’m catching up on the manga. #renji
You know you've watched too much Bleach when...


1. You start looking at butterflies with suspicion. Because you know they are either carrying secret messages or plotting the destruction of the world.

2. You expect all men to be attractive and ripped. Even very old men.

3. You expect women to have impossibly large boobs.

4. Gas explosion?…