"how are you single?"


All I do is think about you.
Dream about you.
Fantasize about you next to me.

If only I could show you that I’m all you need.

someone saying that they’ve missed you


or that they appreciate you


or that something reminded them of you


basically someone making you feel that they’ve thought of you and that you being around means something to them



No one compares to you.
I may be being ignorant and rude to others feelings.
Though all I want is you.

I’d wait a lifetime. I just hope I don’t have to. Though I would

"…The other woman
will always cry herself to sleep.
The other woman
will never have his love to keep.
And as the years go by
the other woman will spend her life alone…
Lana Del Rey, “The Other Woman,” Ultraviolence (via lanadelreylyric)